BMW Used Cars


Ok. It isn’t animation, motion graphic, 3D, flash, or even digital. But this advert created by BBDO Athens for BMW Used Cars is simply genious:

Because you know you’re not the first.


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18 Responses to “BMW Used Cars”

  1. vansantos Says:

    The very first thing that popped into my mind is “Wow, talk about under age” but the add is sublime.

  2. socialOrb Says:


  3. nournours Says:

    a woman = a car… what a disgusting advert.
    For men, car is directly linked with sex affair. Advertising agencies are mostly responsible for that.

    Advertising = Waste of money for brainwashing.

  4. The Godfather Says:

    Wow, I feel quite uncomfortable looking at it. From an advertising perspective is spot on. Straight like an arrow to the heart of the target consumer. From a moral perspective is an explicit provocation. It’s feeding society with a message that allows under age girls to be seen as a sexual object. Dangerous.
    Once again hypocrisy wins.

  5. Dee Says:

    What bothers me is the fact that the girl looks about 15 years old. As a marketer, I love the sexiness of it. As a woman, I am NOT offended because I know sex sells and cars are a status symbol for men. But…still….as a person, her age makes me uncomfortable as hell. ~~Dee

  6. Denise Neves Santos Says:

    It’s hypocritical to think that teenage girls should keep their virginity, while teenage boys don’t. Teenagers do have sex, it’s really beautiful to think that they don’t.

  7. Chris Says:

    Wow, BMW continues to push the envelope w/ their campaigns. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. thiselitist Says:

    First-rate photography and a creative message. Proof of what a free society can produce. “Under age” is a state of (narrowly moralized evangelical Anglo-American) mind. Funny I never thought about the model’s age until reminded by the postings. The ad did not present any new threat or disgusting concept. For as long as human being existed, it’s only to our evolutionary advantage to value youth and beauty (of both sexes). As for equating women with cars, give me a break. I just saw a TV commercial equating a boyfriend with a mop. I think the mops make feel insulted as many men are treated much worse in the mating process.

  9. New Search You have successfully saved this | San Antonio Used Cars Says:

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  10. Tretando Says:

    COOL !

  11. giuseppe Says:


  12. 21st kido Says:

    nice and cool..!

  13. Used cars by owner Says:

    Idea is gold! It is true, but
    just follow what you see, unleash your imagination: is this what a man needs, a used beautiful woman(i don’t mean to look at woman as an object) and a used expensive car?
    Yes, but only for male losers.

  14. Mediocre Renaissance Man Says:

    I think it’s beautiful, and it does its job well. They say the goal of an ad is to keep the viewer’s eye as long as possible. I’m still staring at this one… 😀

  15. Aaron Says:

    Do they take Visa or Mastercard?
    She had better come with the car!

  16. Says:

    Honestly, I think the ad is sexist and stupid. “You know you’re not the only one”. Ok this this people to say ok this girl is pretty, and shes a slut. Sex sells of course. It may be a clever marketing ploy, but it has nothing to do with the product, and is just not right in my opinion.

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