Write with water



Truly impressive!


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8 Responses to “Write with water”

  1. Melvær Says:

    That is AMAZING! despite the ‘Welcome to Canal City’ messaging’, could just as well have been at the tate modern displaying mesages such as “watered down post modersim” haha, kinda glad its not for some reason I cant quite explain.

  2. links for 2008-08-15 on Blog24 Says:

    […] YouTube – 水の落ちる絵 (tags: cool water writing display film movie video youtube) […]

  3. Domino Says:

    Awsome. Just think of all the technical code there was for that!!

  4. write in water « Geek USA Says:

    […] write in water This is the coolest piece of public art I’ve seen in a while (thanks to the London Advertising and Design Group): […]

  5. jimmy chu Says:

    who to contact to check rental details of this equipment for a show in Brazil?? urgent….

  6. Khurram Naeem Says:

    we are looking for the manufacturers of this water writing. Can any one provide us the contact of them.

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