The new VW Sciroosoao? (scirocco)


The new Website for the new VW Scirocco. An amazing site with great video and 3d production. Well worth a visit, only comment would be, why don’t they  have a more catchy name for such a cool car?

Have fun!! 😉


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11 Responses to “The new VW Sciroosoao? (scirocco)”

  1. The Godfather Says:

    Agreed, pretty slick. I just wonder if there are ever going to be car microsites without hot-spots!
    😉 i.

  2. Melvær Says:

    Is it just me or are intros back? keep seing more and more promotional webpages with intros…

  3. theautomotiveopinion Says:

    Very cool car. Hard to pronounce, but cool nonetheless

  4. azarell Says:

    huy…nice car…

  5. Hudster Says:

    My mate used to have one, it was affectionatley know as the ‘Shi-Rocket’

  6. evolvingtrends Says:

    Whoever made the site misconfigured Flash detection.

    I have Flash 10 beta (latest) which works on ALL Flash sites including youtube, but the VW site doesn’t recognize it.

  7. Codea Says:

    its a really nice car. seems like sumtin i wud drive. i used to be in love with vdubs…then volvo stole my heart. lol =]

  8. Michael J. Iafrate Says:

    VW made Sciroccos years back, but they’re bringing it back, like they did for the Rabbit!

  9. Ragil Says:

    wow, this is cool for people who like simplicity in their automotive.

  10. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Akkording to my german girlfriend. This was a chav car in germany, back when they made the last model…

  11. Alan Says:

    Hi, here in Brasil have the new VW GOL, this name is GOL G3 (generation 3)

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