Test Cards


Test cards are incredibly cool. If 45 degrees angled lines, or arrows used to be the old aviators and skinny jeans the test card is the new single speed fixed wheel track bike, that’s how cool it is.
Which leaves me wondering why every ‘shoreditch twat‘ are not wearing test card buttons? If you make a button with the test card on it I’m sure it will sell like illegal substances to art students.
Subsequently every piece of design that contain a test card is automatically really cool or ‘hawt’ which is cool-speech for cool. Which is why I really appreciated seeing it in the new music vidoe of Norwegian rocker Ida Maria.

Yours, not quite sure where I was going with this



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One Response to “Test Cards”

  1. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Test cards makes me feel funny inside, like when I hear Original Sin by INXS it sends shivers all the way down my nostalgiabone.

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