DLKW retains HALIFAX account


A bit of news here for you all.
Catchy named advertising agency Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners (DLKW) has retained the HALIFAX account, after a lot of back and forth over the last couple of months.


I have noticed that after the merger between Loyds and Halifax this post has been getting a bit of traffic again. One of the most popular search strings yesterday was : “will DLKW retain Halifax account” I am afraid that I can not answer that, and I would be surprised if anyone here or at Halifax would be able to give a concrete answer. The current management has chosen DLKW.


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10 Responses to “DLKW retains HALIFAX account”

  1. Denise Neves Santos Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dunno if to be happy or sad for you….! 😉

  3. Denise Neves Santos Says:


  4. Melvær Says:

    bo comment 😉

  5. Melvær Says:

    “no comment” was what I meant to write in my precious comment

  6. Ultramagnus79 Says:

    did you also mean to write previous comment and not precious comment? 🙂

  7. Melvær Says:

    hell no! I am very precious about anything halifax related!

  8. Hawkeye Says:

    Malvear – get with it. why are you moaning!

  9. Melvær Says:

    I am not moaning! Just finished some very exiting work for Halifax.

  10. james Says:

    good news

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