JJ Walker


Beautiful style and animation.



One Response to “JJ Walker”

  1. oskar jon Says:

    hi jjwalker

    Confirm Project Details
    General Information
    Project title: science non fiction
    Allow pros to bid for: 30 days
    Bidding type: Public-Open to Vendors and Freelancers
    Payment Information
    Project budget: Not Sure/Confidential
    Qualifications and Experience Required
    Project category: Graphic Design / Presentations / Multimedia
    Primary skill: 3D Modeling
    Secondary skills: Flash Presentation, Multimedia Animation (Non-Web)
    Additional skills: None listed
    Location Requirements
    Work performed: Offsite
    Files / Description / Questions
    Uploaded file(s): None uploaded
    Project description: m.m.m. production recruting stage for 100 animators with MAYA, XSI, MAX or other varies experiences under the belt to join the feature film for cinema distribution payment. Project is for each animator to work on 60second creation for the movie.

    project has a flexible time range work from home experimental method.

    production a.s.a.p.
    premeire date set 03/06/09
    project 60 second deadline before distributors-03/05/09

    Reply with questions and queries.

    Employer questions: None listed

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