Smart Car, Genius Website


Agency Republic has made the best car website in the history of car websites. The Smart Car website is truly a smart site, is it simple, informative, beautiful and so good it is viral. It achieves all this through an interactive, narrated, flash video experience. The narration and the scenes also makes it an incredibly British site, I have never felt so much like I am in England, while visiting a website before (if you keep the site open without interacting with it the narrator will ask for tea). Genius

Yours in awe of Agency Republic


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4 Responses to “Smart Car, Genius Website”

  1. Oskar Krawczyk Says:

    Linky brokey.

  2. Melvær Says:

    Oh, I dont know what was wrong with it, but it works now 🙂

  3. Pete Says:

    Lovely Andreas, love it

  4. smartnano Says:

    Thought you might enjoy my brother’s SmartCar blog:

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