by is a website that allows you to create “mixed tapes”, uploading up to 12 of your favorite mp3 files.

This mixed tape concept remembers me Rob Gordon (High Fidelity), who used to record personalized tapes to his girlfriends (and potential dates).

It’s amazing how fast technology is moving. Eight years ago we were recording mixed tapes, now we are seeing CDs being replaced by iPods…


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3 Responses to “Muxtape”

  1. Big Tom Says:

    Thankfully, I don’t want to replace the head unit of my car stereo because then it wouldn’t match the dash board – because of this pointless desire to keep an Audi logo on everything I still need to burn CD’s. This is a good thing. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as gathering together 18 tracks which have never found themselves alongside each other before.
    Archers of Loaf, followed up by Leonard Cohen, something from “Houses of the Holy”, some vintage Prince, anything from the “Night at the Roxbury” soundtrack and then perhaps a lean cut of Vangelis or a classic Grand Prix track to bring it round.
    Constructing a playlist is just not the same, there’s no time limit so you don’t have the challenge of putting together a 74 minute mix which works whatever mood you might be in, and maintains constant balance. Can you put Estopa and Estima next to each other? (No, you can’t and you shouldn’t – they’d need at least 8 tracks between them, even though on a “playlist” they might turn up next to each other.

    Creation of the mix tape, (or the digital fruit of its loins the mix CD) is a dying art, but I applaud the makers of this site, and anyone who, like me, never likes to make a playlist longer than 74 minutes.

  2. Melvær Says:

    Ah, I remember some legendary CDs we put together back in the day. Now that I have a bit limited space on my ipod (8gig) i feel a bit of the same feeling when i put tracks on it, only the best are allowed on.

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