The Chineese Design Revolution


I have grown accustomed to hear that soon all design will be much more influenced by Chinese design. I must admit that i don’t really know what contemporary Chinese design represent and that until now none of my sources of inspiration for contemporary design have been Chinese.

Liu Zheng or 96k is a freelance graphic designer in Beijing, a former Chinese athlete according to him self. His work is impeccable, but to me it seems to inspired by western design trends. So with this bit of flimsy argumentation I conclude that the ‘Chinese Design Revolution’ is not happening (yet). Please tell me why I’m wrong.

Please have a look at his impressive portfolio at

Yours, in ignorant bliss


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2 Responses to “The Chineese Design Revolution”

  1. mohammad Says:

    I’m Mohammed from Jordan I would like to study in your university discipline (Graphic Design and Animation two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital games industry), including gain from a good reputation.
    The following:
    I want to ask many questions Please advise me.
    1 – How many years of study?
    2 – How much the cost of the study year?
    3 – What is the language to teach the university in?
    4 – Is there work after the completion of the study?
    5 – Where is area of the university?
    6 – Is there a secure accommodation? Found that though there is no how the cost of housing each year? And how the transportation costs? How much it costs to eat?
    7 – Are you recognized you in higher education in Jordan?
    8 – How many hours of tuition daily?
    9 – I want to study and work at the same time how much the labor cost per hour?
    10 – Is there a discount for the annual early?
    Thank you.
    Please reply

  2. Melvær Says:

    Sorry, we are a blog, not an university.

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