SWF Searchability finally!


And now the moment we have all been waiting for. The main argument used by slimy suits to keep you from designing that shit-hawt website in flash is dead (at least very soon it will be). Google can already search swf files for contents meaning that Rich On-line Interfaces and site built in or containing flash will be as search engine friendly as any other website.

From the horses mouth: Linky adobe

Search engine land are saying: Linky

And then to get us down to earth again Bjørn has told me to read this article on Iconara

Turns out it wont work if you implement your Flash file using Java Script which is what we do to get around how poo Internet Explorer is. And it will index any xml or html uploaded content as a separate page, that’s lame.

Thanks for the use full comment Bjørn 😀

Yours, not writing blog posts in work hours



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3 Responses to “SWF Searchability finally!”

  1. bjorn Says:

    yeah – it’s all good, except that:

    # It will not work if you embed your website using JavaScript unless you’re lucky. Google will most likely not even find your Flash site unless they get really, really clever at running JavaScript and finding out how it modifies the page DOM to insert the Flash content. If Google is anything it’s clever, but there are limits.

    # It will not work if your content is loaded dynamically as XML or if you use a bootstrap SWF.


    .. and who doesn’t load content dynamically these days?

    – bjorn

  2. Melvær Says:

    Yeah, all flash sites that I’ve ever worked on has used xml for the copy.

  3. Magnus Says:

    Damn! So close, but yet so far.

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