Japanese Construction Board


So the Japanese construction board wants a website done..  – Yawn! I bet they just want a powerpoint presentation adapted for online use. – I guess it has to be just as accessible like dope in Amsterdam! – I hear istock photos has some new shots of multi ethcicity construction workers.

– Fuck this guys! Lets make a video of construction noises making up a grooving beat and get some photo collage graphics on the go. – Yeah we’ll have a house where all the members of the board can live, and a city where people can upload music created on the theme of construction. And well make the entire website in flash, animate all the graphics, lets go oldschool and have an intro video and a massive preloader.


But that is apperantly what happened.
Judge for yourself.

Yours, baffled.



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One Response to “Japanese Construction Board”

  1. ultramagnus79 Says:

    pretty crazy stuff. 80% of the site was in japanese though. I still managed to make my own track and save it. Shows how iconography and grpahics can work well when you dont understand whats being said.

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