Art foundation courses


Shadows are sooooo inspiring!Who remembers their Art Foundation course (if you did one)? What did you make on it? I made a clear plastic mould of a brain, filled it with pulsing fairy lights, filmed it and put it to a DJ Shadow track. I cut an old skateboard deck into 4 pieces and painted them gold. I wrapped string around my entire desk. It was brilliant. That year of experimentation taught me that creative inspiration can come from anywhere. I remember stopping one night to carefully examine the shapes that were being formed by shadows on my road (not pictured). For ages. It’s easy to forget to look at your surroundings for inspiration. I feel like I want to do another Foundation course for a creative re-boot or something. But you can’t stay an university your whole life sadly.



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One Response to “Art foundation courses”

  1. ultramagnus79 Says:

    I dint do an art foundation, but my first year of my graphic design course at university was very much a testing year. We got to try out lots of different stuff like screen printing, photography, life drawing etc. and most of the time it was all about experimenting with the materials and the medium. Very inspiring. I would love to do that again.

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