Natzke VS Davis


Joshua Davis is currently launching his new web page using WordPress. At his site you can buy his prints of computer generated artwork. I cant help to notice that little has changed in the world of Josh’s artwork since his work for BMW over three years ago. His artwork still consists of lazily drawn little bits of illustration that are composed using action script. According to himself he came up with this because he was to lazy to actually draw the entire composition. Maybe he is to lazy to come up with something new?

When it comes to computer generated artwork I am most impressed by the work of Eric Natzke. His scripts produce art work that reference the effect of paint on canvas and I also prefer his colour pallet.

Here are some really cool open source scripts


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5 Responses to “Natzke VS Davis”

  1. Denise Neves Santos Says:

    It’s unbelievable how much you can achieve with a wordpress template! 🙂

  2. ineedadamngoodjob Says:

    I think both have great pieces of work. But I still think Joshua Davis as some great work out there.



    Website and illustrations for Adobe which are quite unique and different in style:


    And some outdoor candy aswell:


    Is that enough? 😛

    Have fun 😉

    Ricardo O.

  3. joshua davis Says:

    I would love to comment… but I’m just too lazy.

  4. ultramagnus79 Says:

    Hey joshua, do you hunt down all blogs written about you and leave lazy comments on them?

  5. Melvær Says:

    Oh, I think you have to write Joshua Davis in your comment for him to find it, I bet hes got some sort of wordpress think that tells him when somebody writes his name. But we should try to structure this page a bit better like Joshua has done…

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