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Israeli shoe designer Kobi Levi does this amazing work. Check out his folio at

I want them all!

Gangsta Lorem Ipsum

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Lights off from Melvær&Lien on Vimeo.


A little film i did last night.

The melting of the arctic sea ice is making it really difficult for polar bears to swim from one piece of ice to the other.

A spur of the moment production, conceived, produced and edited all after work one day. A simple masked animation is projected on to a porcelain polar bear, that is about it.

Experiment Eight

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58 works of art created by 36 artists from around the globe make up this exceptional showcase.

Shoes on the loose

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Get some hummel in your face 😀

Made for the website


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Swedis branding fail, or is ot?

Space Monkey

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Created as a collaboration between World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Ben Lee and Leo Burnett, “Space Monkey” carries a message about our planet, and features Ben Lee’s track, “Song for the Divine Mother of the Universe”.

Shanghai World Expo, on the interwebs

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The world EXPO, an international competition for attention through architecture, lighting, films and stories in what used to be docklands and shipyards. Shanghai spent more than $48 billion in preparing  the grounds for the EXPO that is more than what it cost to clean up Beijing. Now 1.7 million volunteers are working at the site guiding, securing and feeding the massive crowds.
For the first time there is now an online expo at with an incredibly annoying waterdrop character guiding you around. Each country is encouraged to make their own 3D walkthrough of their own pavilion.

We ( have now worked for months on the Expo project where one of our many tasks has been to create the digital replica of the Norwegian Pavilion. Naturally we were eager to see what other countries had come up with, here is a collection of ome of the sites I found interesting:

Obviously, I would like to show you the site we made.


On iPhone:


UK Pavilion

My favourite (of the remaining ones) is the UK Pavilion, a well made, stylish interactive walkthrough.
Also i really like the UK pavilion i whish the walktrhough offered even more pictures/close-ups of the inside of it.



Japan Industrial Paviljon

Was OK.

Japanese Pavillion

After an hour of looking for good ones this loading screen enthused me, but the site, I am afraid did not quite deliver the goods

Israeli Pavillion

Seems to represent what these sites tend to look like.

Danish Pavillion

Shout out to our friends in Demark for a lovely logo and graphic profile, to bad this site uses PC only technology so I couldn’t look at it in all its glory, maybe you can?



Dope award for

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The webiste we made for Thomas Dybdahl has now recieved a dope award ©.

Alta Bikes (now we can finally look like Shoreditch Twats over here too)

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After moving to Norway I have been desperately trying to hold on to an ever fading image of some sort of east London hipster.
I’ve got my Raybans, a retro haircut, a suit jacket, blue jeans, white trainers and I have the story that used to live in Brick Lane (semi lie I lived at commercial road) , now in order to hold on to my image all I need is a fixed wheel bike!

That I will get here:

Also read the definition of a Shoreditch Twat at Urban Dictionary

thanks to @edvard_b for potentially saving my cool (he found the Alta Bikes site).

Peruvian (Advertising)

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In the realm of sexist advertising this is the first piece to catch my eye since the BMW premium selection used cars ad.

Although I found the BMW ad better, this one is still funny even though I am sure it wont get as much viral attention.


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I bet these immense vehicles would be the perfect way of transportation now that we got all the ash from Iceland!

Read more about ekranoplans here.

Logorama – the world of logos

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A world of pixels!

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a world of pixels

PIXELS by Patrick Jean

Miss Hot Panini

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Rather clever stuff by Heineken

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TINY annual report

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Probably the worlds smallest annual report.

By Melvaer&Lien The Idea Entrepreneur,

Simon Duhamel

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Simon Duhamel Photography

I just discovered this photographer, and I really like his style balancing somewhere between illustration and photography.

Simons website

I found this quite funny.


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New website by us at Melvær&Lien Idé-entreprenør!

Please have a look at

Unhappy Hipsters

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This blog is great! It basically uses images of modern architecture or furniture that have people in them and makes a witty remark like: “At this point, the womb chair was played out — so he created his very own womb room. He just knew Eero would have loved it.”

I also find the existence of this blog humorous with regards to its readership. I dont know this for sure but I supposedly hip people like myself posting tweets and blog-posts (just like this one) proclaiming how great “Unhappy Hipsters” is. I guess the joke is on us, but who cares when its so good?

At the end of the day its nice to laugh at oneself, I always try not to take myself to seriously, but must admit that i often fail to do so.
Stuff like Unhappy Hipsters help.